Travelling in Covid Times

With COVID-19 hitting the world hard, travelling is risky and is facing criticism from various side. With the right measures, we can ensure that we limit the impact of travelling:

  1. Do your research: Do not travel to areas where case numbers are high or hospitals are running out of capacity. Numbers are available in the world wide web.

  2. To not travel to remote areas in masses without the right measures: Remote areas, such as the mountains, deserts or other remote places to not have the infrastructure to face larger numbers. So consider that and take the right measures to ensure you don't bring along anything contagious.

  3. Travel in a small group or alone: Best solution is to travel alone. You limit the risk heavily. If that doesn't meet your standard behaviours consider who you want to travel with and limit the amount of people.

  4. Limit your contacts, get tested, wear a mask, wash your hands! Be responsible for your actions! It should be common sense to wash your hands frequently! It is also common sense to wear a mask in public as the virus spreads via air. Limit your contacts! I know it's tough but be mindful who you want so see. .. and last but not least! Get tested if you can! Enough options are available, or should be at least available.

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